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Evening the Odds

Draconisfury, Nov 15, 11 3:55 AM.
War last Friday was our first confrontation with arguably the strongest alliance on Server 4.  Even though we lost that battle, our help in the joint strike force reduced Lann to 2 cities.  Congratulations to all involved. 

A Tale of Two Cities

Draconisfury, Nov 9, 11 12:04 AM.
Good evening Dragons! or should I say morning to some haha.  Today I update you on the past three battles we've had.  Last tuesday we had an effective plan that required us not to fight so we kept our cities plain and simple.  The next war we had was an all out attack with a collaboration of other alliances against the strongest one in server 4.  Although they (strongest alliance) still retained 7 cities, us dragons gained a city they deserted.  And onto the latest war..... we had to split our team against Acceptance and Equilibrium.  Acceptance an unknown alliance to us only attacked with 4 ppl, and our crew over in Brimstone did a great job of defending it.  The main showdown at Chasm was a close one with Equilibrium but we pulled off the win keeping our two cities for at least another 3 days.  It was total team effort defending two cities.  Thanks all for those who came and participated and we hope more will show up next time! 

Happy Halloween!!

Draconisfury, Oct 31, 11 7:52 PM.
Happy Halloween!!  A bit of late news, but we defended our city against Hamless in a battle of 19 of us versus 5 of them.  It was a bit uneven, nonetheless, we kept our city.  Hopefully we'll go into another glorious battle Tuesday with our personnel going into their level 60 and 70's.  We are also ranked 6th in the alliances!  Lets keep up the good work.

Defending the City Against an Old Enemy

Draconisfury, Oct 27, 11 2:00 AM.
Congratulations on successfully defending our city from alliance Rebellion!  It took total team effort to do it, and we were able to get our alliance level to 7 with all the perks the city gives. 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dragon Lord, Oct 18, 11 9:37 PM.
We won our first alliance wars confrontation we are now the proud owners of a city even if its only for a short time we did great , we now can get 3 silver keys a day out of our rewards chest untill we lose the city,
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